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Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
worked in secret to obtain more power. >>> and 85-year-old vet says he was comfortable. merrill newman was held for more than a month when asked about a video released showing him an awkwardly worded apology for killing north koreans during the war he told "the sentinel post" that is not my english. >>> a storm is wreaking havoc and paralyzed roads causing a deadly pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike sunday. more than 1,000 flights are cancelled nationwide today. >>> a week long good-bye to former south african president nelson mandela begins today. president obama and others will be among the tens of thousands for the memorial service on tuesday. mandela died thursday at the age of 95. >>> and protesters in ukraine toppled a statue of soviet state founder vladimir lenin and attacked it with a hammer rejecting the historic influence over ukraine. thousands were demonstrating against the government abandoning a pact with the european union and moving closer to russia. one online video helped to ensure that cat lovers got eight hours of uninterrupted fun. christmas cat tv was live
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am EST
detained in north korea for more than a month. 85-year-old merrill newman says he was held in a hotel room and not a jail cell. the dorian war veteran says he was well fed and comfortable. north korea released newman on friday citing his video apology, his age, and his health. newman was in north korea on a tourist visa. military police took him off a plane as he was about to leave pyongyang in october. he was accused of crimes from the korean war. and north korea confirming it removed the uncle of kim jong unfrun from the ruling party. accused of corruption, womanizing and abusing drugs and alcohol. south korean intelligence leaders say the north executed two of his aides just a few days ago. the once powerful uncle was considered a mentor to the north korean lead er. >>> leaders from all over the world are headed to south aftria to pay final respects to nelson mandela. they will be joined by former presidents carter, george w. bush, and bill clinton. the only other living u.s. president, george h.w. bush, has been in failing health and will not make that trip. and after the memorial
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2